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Processes and Technology: Scary or Exciting?

By August 2, 2021 August 7th, 2021 No Comments
Fear of Technology

Here are two things I enjoy working with: People and Processes. However, it’s been some time that Technology has joined the game and even more so in the last 18 months with the pandemic, which taught several businesses that being remotely connected doesn’t mean being less productive. Technology is here to stay and probably “take over” the way we work.

It’s nothing new what I have to say: People, Processes and Technology are the main pillars of a business that want to future-proof itself and keep going strong. Personally speaking, technology has also captivated me, and this is what I’d like to draw your attention to here. Obviously, we can’t forget all the new challenges we face from day to day. Having a team that is committed to the goals, understanding the reasons and motivations of the work that is performed, and having well-defined processes is essential in such a dynamic context.

There is considerable use of technology in all phases of the BPM cycle (Project, Modelling, Simulation, Execution, Monitoring, Improvement); however, what I’ve been noticing through all the work alongside our clients and their daily challenges, is that starting from the execution phase there’s a great deal of opportunity for efficient technology adoption. Earlier phases should also take advantage of technology; there’s no question about this, but we’ve noticed that much of the available data ends up lost and forever gone from the execution and monitoring phases. Data that could become information and business intelligence is simply gone because they’re being collected on paper forms or disconnected spreadsheets, making it difficult to have a proper use and thorough analysis of such data for the good of the business. The time a person spends, or should I say “waste”, on transforming the data into useful information is costly, more than many businesses can think of. You might have some results, but they will definitely come by late in the game. More often than not, too late.

By replacing paper-based processes, spreadsheets that nobody can find, manual controls, unnecessary parallel monitoring by a technological platform will reduce costs, avoid rework and allow for more intelligent daily workflows and use of the talent of your personal assets.

A simple, practical, efficient and yet powerful and customizable tool in such phases of the BPM helps with broadcasting information, promotes transparency, agility and reliability. The choice of such a tool requires a careful vetting process. Your business process is the main character in this movie and must guide the use of the technology, which is just a tool, a very enabling one, but still a tool. Even with the best software, if your processes are not clear enough, you won’t be able to unleash all the potential of such powerful tools. That’s something to keep in mind.

Do you have a committed team, well-defined processes, but you still lack the right technological tool to help you achieve your goals? Or maybe the adoption rate of your existing tools by your colleagues is low? I want to suggest you stop wasting valuable time and come get to know the WayV Platform. Either by having all your processes into it or complementing your existing tools, WayV offers smooth implementation, and it’s powerful, so you can use it to extract information and results from any simple or complex process you might have.

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