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Difficulties with the receipt of goods

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The process of receiving goods and raw materials requires attention and agility since this can also affect the quality of the final product and the overall productivity of your business.

In our daily routine, we often see ourselves with several questions in this phase. That’s why we’ll talk a bit about the main difficulties you might face and some of the strategies to achieve the best results.

This process starts as soon as the products the supply-chain department acquired from the suppliers get to your company’s gates. That’s a multi-step process:

  •   Scheduling of the delivery;
  •   Identification of the goods;
  •   Invoice inspection;
  •   Damage inspection;
  •   Sorting of the goods;
  •   Input into the stock system.

Any deviation of attention in any of the steps mentioned above can cause a variety of extra (avoidable) costs for the company.

The receipt of goods goes hand-in-hand with the supplier evaluation; therefore, you’re guaranteed to achieve the best outcome possible when both processes are successful.

It’s common to have several departments of a company waiting for “their” goods; therefore we can say it’s evident that avoiding any problems in the receiving step will make your colleagues happy. However, this process is subject to failure since it’s a sequence of events that depend entirely on each other. Let’s summarize the main difficulties faced by many businesses on such process:

  •   Invalid or misspelled primary data;
  •   Lack of scheduling;
  •   Unstructured tools like spreadsheets, e-mails, SMS for the management of the scheduling;
  •   Disorganized queues of delivery vehicles;
  •   Diverging values, quantities, types of products;
  •   Returns due to excessive damaging.

These are but a few examples of the problems one can face when receiving the goods they need. It’s essential to have a clear strategy and plan to avoid such issues as much as possible.

Proper team training: no need for a further explanation since we all know a well-trained professional can deliver a better service.

Integration between departments: As we mentioned before, receipt of goods is a multi-step, multi-department process. It’s of great importance to make sure those departments can properly talk to each other through well-designed SOPs.

Technology Implementation: Even though we’re in a highly developed technological era, many businesses still rely on paper and other no-so-proper tools to manage their processes. With the use of a proper specialized system, everything gets easier and faster. You can share the status of each step in real-time, assign tasks or get the intel you need whenever you need it.

There’s no question about the role digital transformation plays in a company. I know you know that! That’s why we invite you to learn more about how WayV can help optimize your processes and give you the results you want, be it more time, more safety, more quality, whatever it is you’re pursuing to take your company to the next level.

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