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Is the goal of the 5S in your company Aesthetics or Culture?

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It may seem weird but the 5s system is still used by companies simply as a way to present a pleasing result – pure aesthetics, a final product to be noted by anyone who’s close by. Oftentimes, it is prioritized only to cause an impression of a well-planned and organized company to both the clientele and the company’s management.

The intention of a systematic form of the 5s goes way beyond and should be considered a standard and basic procedure for acquiring high-performance results. When well established as a method or as a continuity plan, it tends to transform the company’s culture.

There’s no way of implementing any management system where 5S is not the base of the organization’s culture, a place where the staff is not aligned with its goals and causes, in other words, the Lean Manufacturing Methodology needs to be widely applied and showing satisfying solid results.

Interest in continuing the 5s application usually declines after the first few results. When that happens, it shows that the system is still not wired yet to the grouping structure and that it was actually something momentary. The aesthetic result, after all, is not enough to motivate the teams and financial endeavours in the long run. This set of behaviours sometimes happens with the manager’s supervision and superficial knowledge of the methodology, creating the demand for miraculous methodologies.

Truth is that the 5s will only be part of the organizational culture when each level within realizes that only the usage of it will promote benefits and bring substantial results just like any other thing we set ourselves to do.

You will benefit from our 5s template and get a relation of the indicators of performance such as:

  • Higher productivity
  • Increase in produced product quality
  • Prevention of accidents
  • Identification of flaws and gaps of improvement

With recent changes of scenarios, there is no more room for unexceptional occurrences like – Messy workspaces – Excess documents on the table – Obsolete deeds – Lost approvals on inboxes

Lastly, it is worth mentioning the leadership example of the 5s is essential to engage and spark the team and that reimplanting the system makes it draining and frustrating for the people involved. That’s why the tip is to implant it once and for all and prioritize it until it is part of the cultural process.

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