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Managing a fleet with a checklist

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Among the tools necessary for carrier management, checklists present themselves as a trivial component for the carriers wanting to assure the best results and avoid losses.

May it be simple (or not), checking to list the vehicles assures the fleet to keep running. Data collection can verify the absolute necessities of maintenance, besides avoiding problems and guaranteeing safety to those involved in the work. The difficulty of treating any malfunction in advance is even more significant when having a third-party company, making the basic maintenance standard unequal.

For managers, it is a great dare to find a way of keeping the same service standards with a third party as the ones of the company without impairing final clients. And it can get even worse when the process is registered on paper.

When these processes are automated, the challenge of process control becomes easy. Specialized tools allow monitoring each procedure in real-time, having a global view of the fleet. In addition to operational management, the implements allow managerial reviews: data reveal the flaws, reoccurrences, costs, time off work, Third-party fleet evaluation. In other words, a thorough analysis can be done in each step of the process, allowing assertive decision-making.

With that, the vehicles work, the productivity boost, you reduce repair costs, and the profit grows more each time. And for that, you must have a sound management system, that’s the biggest tip of all because with the Fleet Management system you won’t have difficulties using it, knowing that you will only need to give it the information and collect the results.

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