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Tracking and Recall Management

Proper tracking is the guarantee of consistency of your brand and your customer protection. This is one of the most important topics of the food industry. It’s though one of the biggest challenges as well. Managing the whole life cycle of your products without the appropriate system in place might bring serious problems with customers and extra (avoidable) costs.

With WayV, you have the whole history of a batch in seconds, giving you the ability to act pro-actively with action plans, real-time notifications and a clear vision of what you have to do to minimize any of the usual problems. You will be able to know the origin of your products instantly, how they’ve been processed from manufacturing to distribution, where they’ve been sent to. If necessary, you’ll be able to manage any recalls smoothly.

Easy and Practical Inspections

You might have all the technology you need, but if it’s not easy and practical, the adoption rate will likely be low and you won’t be able to reap all the benefits. Therefore a mobile app that is easy enough so that you and your users don’t need any training, is paramount in this journey.

Once your processes and forms have been properly set up, your users can start collecting data and moving them through the process right away. The WayV app works even without any internet connection and the data is automatically synchronized once the connection is detected.

You and your team set up all the rules and workflows for the forms on the WayV web app, and your field team won’t need to worry about such rules since the app will guide them throughout the data collection process.

Food Inspection
Supplier Evaluation

Supplier Evaluation

How to make sure your suppliers are following the same quality standards you do? Are they helping you succeed or harming the quality your customers expect? Especially in crowded markets, it’s a good idea to have a way to evaluate your suppliers. Many companies have no idea how their suppliers are doing, and some companies might have to go through different spreadsheets or piles of paper to find out something useful.

With WayV, you can create specific processes for supplier evaluation, connect those processes to your recall management or even create dashboards to make visible the return of every supplier you’re dealing with.

With such information in hand, you can easily make better decisions regarding where to spend your money and figuring out which suppliers are actual “partners” rather than “money-grabbers”.

Sanitation Documents

It’s fundamental for any food company to make sure their sanitation inspections and documents are complete and up to date.

As a part of your SOPs, if you want to make sure your final product as well as its transformation process are safe and delivers high quality, you must make sure your sanitation “papers” (we don’t need actual paper anymore) are complete, comprehensive, easy to maintain and easy to find when you need them.

As with everything when you’re a WayV user, you can customize your SOPs the way you want and connect them with other processes and procedures. Make them available to everyone who needs them in nearly real-time.

If you have any audits or recalls, your documents are a click away, no more asking the IT guys or your managers to assemble a report and collect all the forms someone hopefully filled out.

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Preventative Maintenance

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Workplace Safety

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Inventory Management

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Environmental Regulations

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Deadline Management

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Production Line

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