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The Common Traps of Tasks Management

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When we talk about project management, a task is a particular activity someone has to complete at a certain moment; therefore, there’s always someone responsible, due date and a very specific goal. Tasks are then classified according to their priority and status. Usually, one needs to know if an assignment is urgent, if it’s delayed or if it’s just planned for now.

One of the most important topics to talk about tasks is “Urgency”. The definition of what is urgent or not has to be very clear and well-understood by everyone in the team. We need to have clarity when talking about a task, especially when we’re trying to figure out if it’s urgent or high-priority at most. Another essential point to have in mind regarding urgent tasks is: why they became urgent in the first place? Bad planning? Lack of resources? Whatever the problem is, the project managers must address it with their team; otherwise, the project might get compromised.

In many projects, be it small or big, there comes an important question: where should we start? Once the people involved begin listing the tasks, there’s a feeling of being overwhelmed, but it’s crucial to know the cause of this feeling. It’s often not the amount of the tasks, but the simple fact that they’re scattered throughout different systems, digital or not, without proper management over them.

I want to take the liberty to give a piece of advice to all project managers out there based on something I realized working with our clients: post-its are an easy, addictive habit that everyone must avoid at all costs. Some people even become “proud” to have their monitors surrounded by post-its because it supposedly means they’re busy and “efficient”. How can one answer questions like: “is it on time?”, “what’s the progress of this project?”, “can you quickly assign a task to someone else and keep track of it?”.

Want to tackle the tasks of your projects more efficiently? Have them placed on a single system, prioritized and with their due dates correctly set, so you can easily delegate them, track them without wasting energy that you should focus on delivering the project. Besides, you get additional benefits such as:

  •  KPIs;
  •  Cost reduction;
  •  Risk management;
  •  Collaboration;
  •  Productivity;
  •  Focus on what matters;
  •  Flexibility and availability of the information you need.

Would you like to reap those benefits and have all your tasks on hand at all times? WayV can help you with that; it’s simple, practical, efficient and available on the web or your phone. Allow yourself to have lighter, more organized days with the feeling you’re actually getting somewhere.

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