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A great way to achieve better results during the production process is to solve nonconformities through a plan of action. Plan of action is the tool that will allow panning and follows up of the necessary measures to take to solve the nonconformities. But most importantly, it lowers the chances of repeating it. And for that, a well-thought-out and structured plan of action is needed, according to your reality.

From the moment a register of nonconformity is made, it is crucial to analyze and define actions critically. These definitions must contain a conjunction of necessary organized activities with deadlines, assignees, and objectives, completing a plan of action. The conjunction will solve the specific dissent and consequently enhance the process as a whole

At WayV a plan of action can be based on 5W2H; it even offers plenty more possibilities and convenience; for example:
· Open a Plan of Action automatically by registering a nonconformity
· Or open it manually
· Link the plan of action to an automatic opening
· Notify the assignees involved
· Automatic emails sent
· Possibility of attaching evidence at any moment
· Qualitative and Quantitative analysis of the plan in real-time

Find out more about the structure and the ease of implementation of the Action Plan from WayV and Improve it according to your needs.

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